Python introduction

Python is invented by (Guido Van Rossum). Python is powerful programming language when compare to other language. Python is dynamically typed. Python is user friendly syntax. Python is increasing developer productivity. Python has more standard library.

Python Features

  1. Easiest programming language.
  2. High Expensive.
  3. High level programming language.
  4. Free and open source..
  5. portable.
  6. Extensible.
  7. Interpreted.
  8. Python is used in GUI programming.
  9. Python is Dynamically Typed.

Where python mostly used?

  1. GUI.
  2. Web development.
  3. Scripting.
  4. Image processing.
  5. Machine learning.
  6. AI.
  7. Computer graphics.
  8. Big data.
  9. Data science.
  10. Testing frameworks.

Who use python

Company Usage
Google Google is using for web search development.
Nasa Nasa is using for research and future development.
Mozilla fire fox Mozilla fire fox is used in search engine.
IBM IBM is using for testing purpose.
Youtube Youtube is completely developed in python only.
Raspberrypi Raspberrypi in official language they are promoting a python.
Cisco Cisco is using for testing purpose.
Dropbox Netflix is using for auto movie recommendation.
HP HP is using for testing purpose.
Facebook Facebook is using for auto Ad recommendation.


Libraries Usage
  1. Scikit-learn
  2. Keras
  3. Tensor flow
  4. opencv
Artificial Intelligence
  1. Tk-Tkinter
  2. Jython
  3. Wxpython
  4. Pygame
Computer Graphics
  1. Pydoop
  2. Dask
  3. Pyspark
Big Data
  1. Numpy
  2. Pandas
  3. Matpltlip
  4. Seaborn
Data Science

Frame works

Frame works Usage
  1. django
  2. Flask
  3. Pylons
  4. Web2py
Web Development
  1. Pytest
Testing Frame

Python IDE

  1. Pycharm.
  2. Spyder.
  3. Jupyter.
  4. Thonny.