keyword in java

keyword is a key of the code.It used to varible , method , class and other.Each keyword perform specific operation.


S.No Keyword Explain
abstract abstract keyword used to the class and method.In abstract method you can't define the abstract class.
boolean boolean is a datatype.
break break keyword used to exit loop.
byte byte is a datatype.
case case used to the swith.
catch catch used to the Exception handling.
char char is datatype.
class class is a blue print of object.It used to create object.
continue continue keyword used to skip the specific iteration.
default default keyword used to switch.
do do keyword used to do while loop.
double double is a datatype.
else else keyword used in conditional block.
enum enum used to define the constants variable
extends extends keyword used to Inherit the class.
final final keyword used to declare constant value,method and class.
finally finally keyword used to Exception handling.
float float is a datatype.
for for keyword used to loop.
if if keyword used to condition block.
implements implements keyword used to inherit the interface.
import import keyword used to import the classes.
instanceof instanceof keyword used to check the object available in class or subclass or interface.
interface interface is a abstract class.It mostly used to multiple inheritance.
long long is a datatype.
new new keyword used to create the object.
null null is a Empty.
package package is a set of class.
private private keyword used to access the variable,method and class in inside the class only.
protected protected keyword used to access the variable,method and class specific package only.
public public keyword used to access the variable or method or constructors anywhere.
return It return value or function.
short short is a datatype.
static static keyword used to access the varible , method and class without creating the object.
strictfp strictfp keyword used to you will get the same result on every platform.
super super keyword used to access the super class(parent class).
switch switch is a Multiple branching statement
this this keyword used to object oriented data.
throw throw keyword used to Exception handling.
throws throws keyword used to Exception handling.
transient transient keyword used to make the default value.
try try keyword used to Exception handling
void void keyword used method declaration.In void mathod can't return anything.
volatile volatile variable will instruct JVM threads to read the value of volatile variable from main memory.
while while keyword used to loop.